Terms and Condition to use SAPID!

# Title Terms and Conditions
01 SAPID SAPID is a product of DynoBiz Technologies Private and Limited and DynoBiz has complete ownership of the product.
02 Deliverables A customised Admin and Customer app with your own brand, logo, menu and facilities will be delivered to its customers.
03 Mode of Delivery The Admin app will be delivered to the Business Owner in "Testing Mode" on Google Play Store and cannot be shared with anyone. The Customer app will be delivered to the customers in "Production Mode" on Google Play Store.
04 Users Management The Admin has authority to provide access to other users and enable and disable them as per the requirement.
05 Trial Period A Trial Plan will be provided to the users to understand the app and get friendly with the app. The Trial Plan duration will depend on the number of orders and may vary as per the customer's requirement.
06 Confidentiality The customer's data will not be shared with any other person without the owner's consent.
07 Multiple Users Sapid supports multiple user types i.e. Admin, Manager, Waiter, Chef and Customers and all the users have different access rights and roles. Please verify every user type's role and access.
08 Training and Hands On Proper training will be provided to the Business Owner as well as their staff either physically or digitally.
09 Non Transferable The SAPID product in any case cannot be transferred from one user to any other business or user.
10 Non Refundable The SAPID product provides a trial plan and adopts use before you buy ideology. But once any of the plan is subscribed by the user apart from Trial Plan then it will be non refundable.
11 Taxes The taxes on the items follow government tax rules and DynoBiz is not responsible for any kind of changes in taxes by the government.
12 Pricing and Plans SAPID pricing and plans may vary from customer to customer on the basis of the customer's requirement and consumption of the product and sales.
13 Source Code and Graphics Source DynoBiz will be sole owner of the code and source file of the graphics. The source code as well as graphics source files cannot be shared in any condition.
14 Plan Renewals Please renew the subscription before the expiry of plan or number of orders exhausted. Failure to renew the product on time may lead to temporary suspending of services.
15 Using your name for marketing By implementing SAPID you will be allowing DynoBiz to use your name as our esteemed customers for marketing purposes.
16 Additional Charges Server charges, Message gateway charges, Payment gateway charges and other charges may be incurred as per your requirement.
17 Menu and Gallery Graphics You can provide your own images for the menu as well as gallery or we can download your images from any portal or provide you the generic images which we have.
18 Generic Graphics Initially DynoBiz will provide you with a few generic graphics which will come under the subscription itself. However apart from these graphics all others will be chargeable.
19 Graphics copyright All the images which are provided by DynoBiz are the sole product of DynoBiz and cannot be used outside our system without our consent.
20 Support DynoBiz will provide support on every step as and when you require but we would prefer to provide support digitally. If we fail to satisfy your issues then we may meet you in person.
21 App Misuse If DynoBiz finds any kind of misuse of the product then DynoBiz has all rights to discontinue the services with immediate effect.
22 Additional features and Customisation All other customisation and additional features apart from the product will be chargeable.
23 Subscription Plan Charges The subscription plan rates may vary from customer on the basis of usage as well the annual charges of plans may vary year on year.
24 Terms and Conditions DynoBiz has complete authority to change the terms and conditions as and when required. However you will be notified for any major change.