Benefits of implementing


Brand Building

App with your own business name will be uploaded on Google Play Store.

Customer Communication

A direct communication channel can be build with the customers to know their requirements.

Streamlined Business

Your business will automatically be streamlined once all the orders will come through your application.

Increased Sales

Increase in sales can be identified as soon as your business goes digital.

Increased Profit

Increase in sales and better data assessment leads to increase in profit.

Better Assessment

With the sales and analysis, assessment and targeting will be easy.

Improved Services

Feedback also helps in improvement in service, productivity and profitability.

Increased Revenue

All the sapid features helps in increase in customer and sales revenue.

Customer Satisfaction

With feedback and queries & complaints sections and quick responses, increases customer satisfaction.

Data Security

Complete data and customers' profiles are secured in Sapid portal. Apps can be accessed with credentials only

Improved Handling

Improved handling of leads and prospects on the basis user's behaviour and interest

Automated Reports

Automated reports of sales and menu items leads to better management

Effective Management

Reduced waiting time and real time data availability enables effective business management

24x7 Support

Complete support 24x7 and services will be provided to ensure your convenience

Free Staff Training

Free training to the staff will be provided to make them familiar with the Sapid

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